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Mar. 2021 – Leading Donor Economist, Saia Faletau, Advises Curriculum Development Component

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Ria Kamps, M.A. and Saia Faletau, M.A.
brainstorming a revised economics curriculum.

Veteran economist Saia Faletau, M.A. – arguably the Kingdom’s leading expert in donor economics – recently joined the economics component of ‘Atenisi’s Curriculum Study Group [ACSG]. Formed at the start of the decade, ACSG aims to customise the University's curriculum, which has traditionally followed New Zealand templates.

Faletau holds an M.A. in economics from Massey University and from 2009 through 2016 served as local joint representative of both the World and Asian Development banks. On his induction here, he indicated he was looking forward to proferring advice regarding the burgeoning field of donor economics – i.e., the study of how both public and private philanthropy may be effectively deployed to advance the society, culture, infrastructure, and prosperity of developing nations.

At Faletau's induction, University dean Dr Michael Horowitz added that, as a developing nation, Tonga must acquaint economics students with the history of both successful and failed philanthropy, to "complement standard instruction in micro- and macroeconomics.”

In addition to Faleatu and Horowitz, the economics component consists of visiting instructor Ria Kamps, M.A. and Associate Dean Todd Henry, M.A. Kamps is well versed in the economics of regional consortia whilst Henry specialises in the economics of sustainability.