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Procession (2008)

June 2022 – ‘Atenisi Welcomes New NZ High Commissioner with Seafood Lunch on Campus

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‘Olivia Lolohea (student), ‘Atolomake Helu (performing arts dir.), HE Matthew Howell (NZ High Commissioner), Dr Michael Horowitz (dean), Soloni Lutui (architecture/design lecturer), Placido Lolohea (student), Matthew Kalaniuvalu (pres. Associated Students) [Photo: Tevita Helu]

'Tis a hallowed tradition: HE Christine Bogle, HE Jonathan Austin … each newly-appointed New Zealand High Commissioner has been invited to a welcoming luncheon on the ‘Atenisi campus. And just such a salute greeted His recently-appointed Excellency Matthew Howell, Thursday afternoon, 16 June.

In addition to sandwiches grilled by Something Fishy in Fasi, the event boasted a tour of the campus’ lecture hall, science laboratory, library, and outdoor café, as well as its legendary Rock House, designed by Gottfried Seule and currently leased to Acts Community School. The ambassador was particularly intrigued by a gallery of photographs in the library depicting the career of ‘Atenisi’s late founder, Dr ‘I.F. Helu.

Accompanying Howell on tour were ‘Atenisi dean Dr Michael Horowitz, performing arts director ‘Atolomake Helu, architecture lecturer Soloni Lutui, and student president Matthew Kalaniuvalu.

The University has repeatedly benefited from Kiwi support over the past 15 years, i.e.:

• It was a key recipient of NZ Aid’s erstwhile tuition support scheme from 2007 through 2012;

• NZ Aid donated ‘Atenisi a Toshiba photocopier in 2009;

• From 2008 through 2019, ‘Atenisi dean Horowitz was serially welcomed as summer visiting academic by the Universities of Auckland, Canterbury, Otago, Victoria, Waikoto, and AUT.

Small wonder that – in August 2019 – former HC Christine Bogle chose 'Atenisi as the venue to debut her PhD thesis on democratisation in the southern Asia/Pacific.