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Procession (2008)

Apr. '15 - Environment negotiator debriefs postgraduate seminar on diplomacy


Students ʻOkusitino Tai, Tuʻiʻahai Tuʻiʻāfitu, and Rev Miles Stow are debriefed by climate change negotiator Sione Fulivai.

On 2 April, one of Tonga's climate change negotiators, Sione Fulivai, updated students of Dr Michael Horowitz' postgraduate seminar on international diplomacy. Fulivai described Tonga's participation in the Alliance of Small Island States at the United Nations in New York; since 2005, ASIS has sought assistance from the developed nations to reduce global warming and cope with its damaging effects. Fulivai often represents Tonga at environmental conferences in his capacity as analyst with the Climate Change division of Tonga's Ministry of Information.